Customizable User Profiles

Success resumes catch the desired attention and get people invited, so we have incorporated exactly that in our social media platform that will help users highlight their results and successes. Our platform will guide users through several easy steps to help users come up with their perfect pitch.

GDPR Compliance

The impending EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) moves the ethics and privacy discussion in the right direction. At Pitch Apply we put our users first when it comes to collecting, storing and analysing data and we aim to enable users to take full control over their data.

Artificial Intelligence Based Platform

Intelligent software will learn from successful pitches and frequently coach users to further improve their pitch, and so creating a success profile. Pitch Apply will not only be a platform to present yourself and your successes efficiently, it will also enable faster and more accurate applications for users and for hiring managers or decision makers.

Blockchain Features

Imagine having full control over all your employment related details. Imagine one single database where contracts and all related details are managed and validated. The blockchain is at the core of the Pitch Apply platform, allowing users and hiring managers to have a direct relationship while protecting consumer privacy and preventing fraud.