Pitch Apply introduces the BIGGEST AIRDROP ever!

We will be airdropping 200 million Pitch Tokens to 1 million potential users of our Pitch Apply platform!

The past couple of months we have prepared and launched our very own ICO to raise awareness for our project to reshape the recruitment landscape and to raise funds to further develop the Pitch Apply platform. We could not imagine a better way to connect with potential users of the platform than through crowdfunding in the form of an ICO amongst others.

We were contacted by and have been in contact with numerous potential marketing service providers and we have contracted some, however the quality of the work was very poor. We have considered partnering with (self proclaimed) crypto experts to reach a wider public in support of our ICO. However we carefully analyze activities of these experts and we do not believe that this is beneficial for the overall sentiment in the cryptocurrency space and our platform as these experts seem to be losing credibility, not only with us but as well with the community. We do not believe in creating and following a hype. On the long run this will not benefit our token.

Now for the ICO, it is not going as desired. We have buyers and supporters committing to buy but we are recognizing a certain disbelieve in ICO projects in the current market. Next to that the current sentiment towards cryptos is negative. Traders, especially the late entrants are losing money. We have been in contact with so called Whales but we have declined their offers because we do not know the origin of their funds and their intentions with the token. The risk of large amounts of tokens being dumped is not something we want to encourage with respect to all our smaller investors. When we started preparations for our ICO we took into account an amount in Ethereum to invest and develop our platform. The fluctuating prices of Ethereum and the price level at some point almost halves the funds we want to raise so we have decided to change our strategy.

As the users and their results of using our platform will eventually determine the success of our platform, we have decided to focus on gathering potential users at an early stage. We are in contact with several investors who are interested in supporting the development of the platform so the Pitch Apply platform will definitely be developed, launched and accessible to everyone!

To build a potential userbase and to introduce our Pitch token we will launch the biggest airdrop ever by issuing 200 million tokens to 1 million lucky registrants. That means 200 PCH Tokens each for everyone. To pull this off we will need the help of all our supporters!

This is how it works:

  1. Register using the airdrop form, share your details and tell us on which exchange you would like to see the PCH token traded.
  2. Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/PitchApply), or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pitchapply) and/or Telegram (https://t.me/pitchapplycommunity)
  3. Share this news with all your contacts and invite them to register and join the airdrop
  4. Share our website, our project whitepaper and posts with your community

Checking 1 million supporters to see their level of support is going to be a challenge but we will keep an eye on the activities. We will keep an eye on unique email addresses, unique accounts and suspicious spamming behavior!

Whoever already registered for the airdrop will get 200 PCH tokens instead of the 50 PCH tokens we promised earlier. Supporters who have invested in Pitch Apply will get their Ethereum back if desired or get to keep their tokens which exceeds the 200 PCH tokens. If this applies to you then you will be contacted to discuss how you wish to proceed.

The coming period we will prepare the contract for the airdrop. We will announce the start of the airdrop, however when is very much dependent on the amount of supporters registered!

Our final request is a small donation of whatever you can miss in BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH. Airdrops cost Gas to execute so to be able to pull this massive airdrop of we will need all the support we can get, including in the form of whatever amount you could miss. Another reason for requesting a small donation is so we can speed up the process of registering the tokens on an exchange in order for the PCH token to be traded. All donations are appreciated! If you have some crypto dust you could miss, we would very much appreciate.

Our Bitcoin BTC address is:  1AMbgz5pdni7EJqP8Kdx1eExJxDSdQSMtv

Our Ethereum ETH address is:  0xee4d53c162f06cc38104ae0240f3084d9e33c281

Our Litcecoin LTC address is:  LRQRvrqXCxtvRStDzYbzcKo1i1aswt25xr

Our Bitcoin Cash BCH address is:  1JuW6Mb3wonrmMASwhCnhNn1k1vkNuCUZW

We have made the promise to build our platform and token ecosystem that will help users launch their career and provide you with a token with a working purpose that will grow in demand. We will get it done, thanks to you all.

Mark Duiker


Pitch Apply

The addresses provided here for donations are the only addresses we use. Please double check before sending your funds!

"When we go live we start the day as if we’re losing users and trust, by noon we are breakeven, and at the end of the day we have improved and are growing again. We commit to help you launch your careers in an efficient and secure matter"
Mark Duiker - Pitch Apply