Q1 2017

Research (done)

Q2 2017

Roadshow (done)

Q2 2017

A/B Testing (ongoing)

Q3 2017

Project/company registration (done)

Q4 2017

Pitch Token & white paper (done)

Q1 2018

Roadshow ICO Launch (done)

Q1 2018

Crowdsale & Airdrop (ongoing)

Q2 2018

Team expansion & platform development

Q3 2018

Platform development & access for early users and supporting community

Q4 2018

Global launch & access to early blockchain features


Important Information about Pitch Apply and the PCH token

What is the total token supply?

The total supply of the Pitch Token is 1,500,000,000 PCH(1.5 Billion).

How many tokens are you offering during the ICO crowdsale?

We are offering 80,000,000 PCH(80 Million) tokens during the ICO sale.

Which crypto currency can I use to buy the tokens during the crowdsale?

During the crowd sale, we only accept Ethereum (ETH). You can contribute your ETH to our contract address:


Please do not send any ETH from an exchange. You need to transfer it from your exchange to a Wallet (For example: https://www.myetherwallet.com) & then transfer it to the contract address.

Tokens will be issued to you automatically, as soon as the ETH is transferred successfully to the contract.

How much Gas should I use during the crowd sale?

We recommend minimum Gas of 250,000.

How many tokens are you offering during the Airdrop?

We are offering 200,000,000 PCH (200 Million) tokens during the Airdrop.

Why have you chosen for an Airdrop instead of just an ICO?

We believe that an airdrop of this scale will help us to reach our potential users better. It is also a way for us to provide more people with the opportunity to become part of our mission. You can read our official announcement here.

How can I take part in the Airdrop?

Follow the instructions on the registration form.

The PCH tokens will be issued to you automatically as soon as we have reached the maximum amount of registrations and we have received sufficient donations to transfer the funds.

Did you cancel the ICO?

No we did not, the ICO contract is programmed and will run untill the 8th of March. That means that whoever is interested in investing in the PCH token can still contribute and automatically receive their tokens. The current rate is 1 ETH=6667 PCH. You can contribute the funds to our contract address:



The tokens will be issued to you automatically.