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About Pitch Apply

We are an innovative online resume platform focused on sharing your success stories and launching your future, and we intend to reshape the $200 billion recruitment industry by making use of A.I. and Blockchain technology to change the way we apply for jobs. We will take out intermediaries by giving our users the tools to constantly improve their profile and overall pitch, and make use of additional features intended to reshape the employment process, increase privacy and increase the success rate when applying.

Customizable User Profiles

Success resumes catch the desired attention and get people invited, so we have incorporated exactly that in our social media platform that will help users highlight their results and successes. Our platform will guide users through several easy steps to help users come up with their perfect pitch.

GDPR Compliance

The impending EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) moves the ethics and privacy discussion in the right direction. At Pitch Apply we put our users first when it comes to collecting, storing and analysing data and we aim to enable users to take full control over their data.

Artificial Intelligence Based Platform

Intelligent software will learn from successful pitches and frequently coach users to further improve their pitch, and so creating a success profile. Pitch Apply will not only be a platform to present yourself and your successes efficiently, it will also enable faster and more accurate applications for users and for hiring managers or decision makers.

Blockchain Features

Imagine having full control over all your employment related details. Imagine one single database where contracts and all related details are managed and validated. The blockchain is at the core of the Pitch Apply platform, allowing users and hiring managers to have a direct relationship while protecting consumer privacy and preventing fraud.

"At one point we will all have to apply so why not enhance this process? Your support is our validation, and your contribution to increasing worldwide success with applying."
Mark Duiker - Pitch Apply


At the heart of our ambition to reshape the recruitment industry with blockchain based technology is the Pitch Token. A new utility token that gives users access to our blockchain based features, and in return users are better equiped to manage their data and increase their effectiveniss when applying. As an incentive all newly registered potential users of the Pitch Apply platform will earn Pitch Token(PCH) to be used on the platform to make use of the blockchain based additional features. As our userbase will grow and our features offer will increase, we expect the demand for PCH Token to rise exponentially.

Crowdsale duration:

Officially ended

PCH tokens available for crowdsale:

80.000.000(80 million)

Current rate:

1 ETH = 6667 PCH

Minimum purchase:

0.1 ETH = 667PCH

No bonus

Accepted Currency:


We only accept Ethereum (ETH). You can contribute your ETH directly to our contract address:


Additional information

Tokensale instructions:


Pitch Apply ICO terms and conditions:


Pitch Apply Whitepaper:



See roadmap section

"Unlike the majority of Cryptocurrencies of which 95% is expected to never have a workable product or service and are struggling with their acceptability, and mainly rely on exchanges, the Pitch Apply Token will eventually be accepted all across the globe within the Recruitment and Human Resource Industry. "
Mark Duiker - Pitch Apply

Airdrop Announcement

Pitch Apply introduces the BIGGEST AIRDROP ever!
We will be airdropping 200 million PCH tokens to 1 million potential users of our Pitch Apply platform!

The past couple of months we have prepared and launched our very own ICO to raise awareness for our project to reshape the recruitment landscape and to raise funds to further develop the Pitch Apply platform. We could not imagine a better way to connect with potential users of the platform than through crowdfunding in the form of an ICO and through an airdrop to build a large userbase who will own, hold and trade our PCH token.

Some facts


PCH tokens issued




PCH tokens per participant is the only official Pitch Apply website for your Pitch Tokens. Beware of scammers trying to steal your funds!

"A significant amount of the donations raised during the airdrop will be used to fund the Gas needed to send the tokens to all registrants and to register the tokens on exchanges to enable supporters to trade. "
Mark Duiker - Pitch Apply


Our roadmap to creating the Pitch Apply platform and growing the Pitch Token value

Q1 2017

Research (done)

Q2 2017

Roadshow (done)

Q2 2017

A/B Testing (ongoing)

Q3 2017

Project/company registration (done)

Q4 2017

Pitch Token & white paper (done)

Q1 2018

Roadshow ICO Launch (done)

Q1 2018

Crowdsale & Airdrop (ongoing)

Q2 2018

Team expansion & platform development

Q3 2018

Platform development & access for early users and supporting community

Q4 2018

Global launch & access to early blockchain features


Important Information about Pitch Apply and the PCH token

What is the total token supply?

The total supply of the Pitch Token is 1,500,000,000 PCH(1.5 Billion).

How many tokens are you offering during the ICO crowdsale?

We are offering 80,000,000 PCH(80 Million) tokens during the ICO sale.

Which crypto currency can I use to buy the tokens during the crowdsale?

During the crowd sale, we only accept Ethereum (ETH). You can contribute your ETH to our contract address:


Please do not send any ETH from an exchange. You need to transfer it from your exchange to a Wallet (For example: & then transfer it to the contract address.

Tokens will be issued to you automatically, as soon as the ETH is transferred successfully to the contract.

How much Gas should I use during the crowd sale?

We recommend minimum Gas of 250,000.

How many tokens are you offering during the Airdrop?

We are offering 200,000,000 PCH (200 Million) tokens during the Airdrop.

Why have you chosen for an Airdrop instead of just an ICO?

We believe that an airdrop of this scale will help us to reach our potential users better. It is also a way for us to provide more people with the opportunity to become part of our mission. You can read our official announcement here.

How can I take part in the Airdrop?

Follow the instructions on the registration form.

The PCH tokens will be issued to you automatically as soon as we have reached the maximum amount of registrations and we have received sufficient donations to transfer the funds.

Did you cancel the ICO?

No we did not, the ICO contract is programmed and will run untill the 8th of March. That means that whoever is interested in investing in the PCH token can still contribute and automatically receive their tokens. The current rate is 1 ETH=6667 PCH. You can contribute the funds to our contract address:



The tokens will be issued to you automatically.



Core Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Mark Duiker

Mark Duiker – CEO – is an entrepreneurial Human Resources professional. He has contributed to several startups in the finance, sustainable energy and recruitment sector. He is a block chain enthusiast and learned the HR trick of the traits at a top HR consultancy firm. He currently holds a seat in the supervisory board of two medium sized organizations. Through his studies he is specialized in Finance.

Anthony Doerga

Anthony Doerga – CTO – is one of the product owners at and responsible for the iOS and Android app Data Science/Machine Learning team. Prior to developing several career coaching ventures, he was active at renowned companies as Shell, ABN AMRO and Google. Through his studies he is an innovation expert, and his software developing skills are improving by the day.

Paul Goedkoop

Paul Goedkoop – COO –  is a seasoned entrepreneur with an extensive track record and holds a large network of business executives. He has a professional mindset and he works as a personal coach and HR professional ever since. Paul values personal growth and he ambitions to further help others finding their own motivation and ambition in life and guiding them in this process.


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